Monday, February 9, 2009

The journey to raw

The first blog i have ever done.... i am very excited about it. I am hoping this will help me to embrace raw foods and keep me from falling off the wagon over and again. To me journaling is the best way to get to know yourself! And boy am i ready. The raw life has been one of my main struggles since 2003, my awakening. You know when you finally see the light? well this experience brought me to raw foods. I was told by our divine father in heaven that raw is the life style he wanted for me and for the children that choose to be born to me and my husband. To make a really long detailed story short, i will give the general layout of the past six years. Raw eating for me started out so simple, because of the inspiration i received. I had no idea what to eat, so i left it completely up to spirit guidance, and this worked for a short period. A few months past and i was starting to lose too much weight, i had close friends telling me i better start eating more if i wanted to stay on this planet much longer and being at a very vulnerable state of mind, i started to agree. Thinking i needed to ground myself and come back to earth, meaning i started getting pretty far out there,almost too spacey. I did start to ignore the guidance, and soon i really was only about 50% raw for the next 2 years. Wow and i felt it the weight came back, the inspired thinking was very foggy, and i felt only a very weak connection to God ( this was by far the worst part of eating cooked foods again). I just couldn't seem to get back to 100%, but this is what i wanted so badly. To feel that oneness with myself, others and God.
I took the next 4 years and put a lot of energy into finding out so much more about living and raw foods. There is so much info out here, that helps me to understand so many options i have to this life style. I really just had to take a completely different approach to this, by knowing this is what God wants for me and my family i can always remember my experience. For now i must educate myself, so i can be ready to raise a family on the raw vegan diet. I am 30 years old, was married in 2007, and just had twin girls Oct. 2nd 2008. i believe now is the time i have been prepared for. i do feel a bit more educated on raw, enough to be completely 100% and to feed my family. So many thank yous to all the raw fooders out there who share their, ideas, stories and support. I just hope by starting this blog page that i can contribute to this rapidly growing inspired way of life:) MUCH LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU